Cloud Center scored the second place on the EgyptSSC.


Cloud Center is a team of entrepreneurs who entered the Egypt Startup Summer Camp 4 months ago which was held by TIEC ,they scored the second place of the competition and they now are constructing the infrastructure of their product, they are searching for a VC who can fund them to build their product and change the Call Center industry here in Egypt and all over the world.

The team has been collected by Karim Sameh who pitched the idea on the EgyptSSC, once he pitched it, a lot of people liked the idea, Ahmed Abdalla, George Thabet, Mohammed Sabry And Mohammed Fathy joined his team because they are believing in this idea.

Karim Sameh

Karim Sameh

Karim Sameh, Managing Director with an engineering background ,combined with 20 years of experience in the IT industry; Karim has complemented his studies with an M.Sc. in Business Information Technology from Middlesex University in London. Karim has co-founded RITsol after working for Jumbo Electronics (Dubai) and the Cairo and Alexandria Stock exchanges. Karim is also is a board member at the ITEC (Information Technology Export Community of Egypt) which aims to push the export of IT products and services into the global markets and gain its much deserved recognition.

Ahmed Abdalla

Ahmed Abdalla

Ahmed Abdalla is a Linux passionate developer with a work experience in Cloud Computing and virtualization technologies using open source technologies and Linux/Unix operating systems. A hacker at heart, comfortable at working in various levels from high level systems design to low level systems code. Open Source believer and quick learning developer.

George Thabet

George Thabet

George Thabet is a Research Fellow at the MBA program of The American University in Cairo. George brings several years of financial expertise, at both the corporate as well as service provider sides, to Cloud Center. Having worked at several local major players and  a regional conglomerate helped strengthen his qualitative abilities and develop his multi-lateral perspective.
Prior to pursuing his MBA, George received his Bachelor of Accounting from The American University in Cairo.

Mohammed Sabry

Mohammed Sabry

Mohammed Sabry is a Software Developer for web and mobile applications, has a BS of computer science, working now as a BlackBerry and Android Developer at Nazzelha Apps. Mohammed is looking forward to make the Cloud Center project see the light. Mohammed adores working on startups of new ideas, Also he has many innovative ideas that he is willing to achieve them.

Mohammed Fathy

Mohammed Fathy

Mohammed Fathy, a Software Engineer who has a healthy career within large companies, such as Wipro Info Tech and Netcare Co, with a work experience in Java Developement and Android Development. My fearless mentality has anointed me a successful entrepreneur and gave me world of experience, my current startup “Cloud Center” gave me a mission to change the call center industry all over the world.

Cloud Center is an innovative business idea, it has a four key words ” Cloud – Cost effective – Crowd – Work from home ” they are targeting to change the call center industry in egypt and all over the world by building this solution, it is a crowd-sourced business process outsourcing service, it enables business to outsource their non-core processes, this is to leverage the power of the crowd at a guaranteed quality and low cost.

Also it provides a professional, profitable, flexible and secure work environment that will impact the unemployed people, people with irregular work schedule, it will also impact people with restrictions preventing them from going for a full time job, people with physical disabilities and women in orthodox societies.

Cloud Center can provide several products addressing different businesses, it provides and manages a channel of communication between call center service seekers and interested qualified individuals.

Cloud Center Team

Cloud Center Team

Cloud Center scored the first place at the ArabNet Conference which was held in Cairo last Wednesday the 19th of October.

Also they scored the second place on the Egypt Start up summer camp.

Cloud Center is very pleased to hear from you if you interested in their idea, you can contact them through their twitter handler @cloud_center.

Thank you .. !


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