My Startup Life !


A call was started 4 months ago, a new start-up is coming, take your chance, don’t look back, run towards you dream .. !

i started my carrier as a software developer on October 2010 at ” Wipro ” a multinational Indian company here in Egypt, i was lucky to meet someone called Ibrahim Adel, he is an Electronics Engineer and Entrepreneur, always he was talking about Entrepreneurship and he was telling me a lot of success stories till i loved the idea and i started to think about it but i still love my job as a software developer but not all you love stay at your hand, and i believe we always have to let go.

25 Jan was the revolution that alert me with ” Hey you may lose your job as an Employee try something else ” but i was not listening.

25 April 2011 my friend mustafa went to Statup weekend Cairo at the AUC and he started his way as an entrepreneur again he told me about this damn thing called “Entrepreneurship” and again i started to think why shouldn’t me be an Entrepreneur !! ?

June 2011 a call to Egypt Startup Summer Camp has started and i was invited by someone i don’t know to this event, i registered to the camp, but at this time my company started to pull all the work form Egypt Department to India in case of instability and some unknown reasons,  suddenly at the end of June they told us ” Wipro will leave Egypt “. and the curse started every one in the company was afraid about losing his job.

11 July 2011 i resigned from Wipro 😦

13 July 2011 EgyptSSC contacted me “you’re accepted to join the camp” i was very happy that i will not waste my time, i registered where i will attend the camp at the Nile University and it was the best place for me as i was living in ElShiekh Zayed City.

i started the camp with my colleges, attending the lectures, networking, talking about my last job, talking about reasons why i joined the camp, almost i contacted everyone of my lovely team

George: ” The Financier ” was the first one i met in the camp.  🙂

Karim:  ” The Astronaut ” told us about the idea within the camp, and it was very impressive.

Sabry:  ” The Dreamer ” 😛 every time i was talking to sabry i feel like he is dreaming 🙂

30 June 2011 was the pitching day, i went to Cairo university and attended the pitch, almost 3 or 4 ideas i liked very much but Karim’s one “Cloud Center” , it was the best, end of the day i talked to Karim, George , Mr Ali and Sabry and i already joined the team.

4 days later and we started to work on our idea but a new Hero has come, Ahmed Abdalla: i know this guy, he is a Software Engineer graduated from my university, a CAT co-founder, and a RHCE Man, I was very happy that i will working with this great team !

Again we started working on our prototype and business plan, Karim and George was working on the Business Plan, Me, Ahmed and Sabry was working on the prototype, after 7 or 8 meetings was held in RITSOL working on that and a lot of online meetings and Scrums, now we have a product and we called it “Cloud Center “…

It’s a general name but we will choose a new name for the company once we establish it I.S.A.

15 October 2011 the ” Last Pitching, Ceremony and Media Day ” at Grand Hayat here in Cairo, we were the first team to pitch to the judges, Karim was talking about our business model , Ahmed was talking about technical stuff and the prototype , and lastly George was talking about the Financials, me and Sabry was just staring to each one of them 🙂

After we finished our pitching we went down and sit for 4 hour or something talking about anything except out project, end of the day we went to the Ceremony Hall to see what we got !

after a long speech from Mr Farghaly and i was very upset and worried about the winning, and here we come the ceremony started:

The Third place was a team called ” The Listener ” thery were very good but actually i don’t know what was their idea , Suddenly i can listen

” The Second place is CloudCenter ” Oh my God .. i can’t believe what am listening … we scored the second place Wooooohooooooooooo :):).

We ran to the stage  to get our prize a huge check with 7000 LE then we got couple of picture with Mr Farghaly and Mohammed Abdelgalil, then we start to talk to the media, it was Rotana Masrya Channel, and while we are talking to the media “CloudCenter” got 2 per-incubation from Orange and Tahrir Square and finally we entered the “Start with Google” Competition, was a great day i can’t erase it from my memory 🙂

4 days later we were preparing for the ArabNet Conference, on Wednesday Karim and George went to the ArabNet and they pitched our Business model on the Stage.

On Thursday, i got a massage from George “We got the first place” and here we come again Wooooohow :).

Finally CloudCenter is a dream that will come true for me and i will fight for it’s success :/

To be continued …….


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