ArabNet – Meet ArabNet Cairo’s Ideathon winners: Cloud Center


The Ideathon competition drew over 140 submissions this time around, almost double the amount we had at our last event, a clear sign of the flourishing web scene and eagerness for entrepreneurial activity in the region. 10 participants got to pitch in front of the crowd, but as per the rules of the competition, the ideas were reduced to 3 that our judges deemed most primed for success.

Here are ArabNet Cairo’s top ideas for 2011

ArabNet Cairo Ideathon winner: Cloud Center – Karim Sameh

Cloud Center is the brainchild of Karim Sameh, co-founder of RITsol, an emerging offshore IT services provider, who had the idea to start Cloud Center as a channel of communication between Call Center Service seekers and interested qualified individuals, with focus on employing agents from areas with high unemployment rates.

“It (the idea behind Cloud Center) came to me while listening to a lecture in Silicon Valley about the abundance of qualified human resources available in the south of Egypt, and consequently in rural areas of the world.”

Agents and clients are credited or billed by minutes of service while pricing is determined by a bidding system.

ArabNet – Meet ArabNet Cairo’s Ideathon winners: Cloud Center, iCall Taxi & 7ala Wa7da.


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