Software Engineer with 7+ years of professional experience in software development with a focus on Android application development and highly familiar with iOS application development. Worked with engineers and product managers to deliver user friendly Android applications.


B.Sc. of Computer Science, Faculty of Computers and Information, Mansoura.

9/2004 8/2008.



Software Engineer at THIQAH Business Services CO, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, thiqah.sa
Acting as “Senior Android Developer”.

Jan 2017 Present.

  • Developed and implemented “Balagh Tijarri V2” Android application to report commercial violations and infractions around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Ministry of Commerce. App users can include location, photos, videos and Audio recording of the incident.
  • Developed and implemented “Miras” Android application to improve the quality of government services across all ministries for Saudi citizens. App users can register their own commercial trade names, commercial records … etc.
  • Developed and implemented “Saudi Roads” Android application to report violations and traffic infractions on roads. App users can include location, photos and videos of the infraction.




Software Engineer at Verve Wireless GmbH, Munich, Germany, matchinguu.com

Acting as “Senior Mobile Developer”, Part-time.

Dec 2016 Present.

  • Developed and Maintained an advertising “SDK” for Android and iOS platforms to send nice push notification Ads to users based on their location and local events.

Software Engineer at Bartizan Connects, Alexandria, Egypt, bartizan.com

Acting as “Senior Mobile Developer”.

Feb 2016 Dec 2016.

  • Managed, designed and implemented a mockup and a prototype of event mobile app generator and builder which will provide venue maps, sponsors listing, attendee profiles, speaker bios, alerts, live polling, social networks integration and more.
  • Tested and reviewed “iSessions” iOS application for event session tracking option and multi-session events. iSessions can instantly scan most of popularly used barcodes to account for attendees in real time and generate informative, useful reports.
  • Managed a team of mobile developers for both Android and iOS platforms.




Software Engineer at Ministry of Culture, Arts & Heritage, Doha, Qatar, mcs.gov.qa
Acting as “Senior Mobile Developer”.

Jan 2015 Jan 2015.

  • Designed, developed and implemented “Self Service” Android & iOS applications to help MOC employees to manage their daily workflows during work, apply for and more.
  • Designed, developed and implemented “Qatar Awards” Android & iOS applications to help Qatari citizens to apply for appreciative state award and incentivizing state award.

Software Engineer at Jodod Technology Labs, Mansoura, Egypt, beta.jodod.com
Acting as “Mobile Team Leader”.

Sep 2012 Dec 2014.

  • Designed, developed and implemented “Chat Islam Online” Android & iOS applications to help people that want to convert to Islam, by helping them take the shahada, sending them free Quran and books also teaching them how to take the first steps of practicing Islam in the correct manner.
  • Managed, designed, developed, implemented and optimized “World of Digits” Android and iOS game to train kids different mathematical skills: from knowing the numbers and getting used to write them down, through recognizing shapes, colors, size, quantity comparisons and more.
  • Developed and engineered in a real-time online customer service web application called “ZAJEL” based on routing different kinds of customers to the corresponding group of operators of a certain skill, to target those customers certain need or requirement.
  • Managed, designed, developed, implemented and optimized a big pack of educational stories from Flash to Android and iOS applications. Each application includes an animated audible story, a song and some light games and exercises.





Programming Languages: Java SE, Android, Swift, Objective – C, LUA, Python, HTML, CSS, Kotlin.

Database Engines: Microsoft SQL, MySQL, SQLite.

Frameworks: Corona SDK, Hibernate, JSF, Django.

Others: MVC, MVP, MVVM, Junit, RxJava, RxAndroid.


Oracle Certified Java Programmer by Oracle, 11/2009 – 12/2009.


Start with Google Competition Award – Google, Science Age Society & Innoventures.


Egyptian, Male, Married.

Bilingual – Fluent in Arabic and English.