6+ Years Experience as Senior Java Developer


Information Technology professional with 6+ years of software development experience with a focus on mobile application development coupled with 2+ years of expertise working as a team leader to architect, design, implement, deploy, and support projects.


Software Engineer at Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage – Qatar, http://moc.gov.qa, Doha, 1/2015 – current

  • Designed and engineered a fully-interactive high-fidelity prototypes for mobile apps according to platform guides.
  • Designed and implemented a mobile application called “Qatar Awards” for both the Android and IOS platform, it’s a fully restful application that helps Qatari users to apply for appreciative state award and incentivizing state award.
  • Designed and implemented a mobile application called “MOC Self Service” for both the Android and IOS platform, it’s a fully restful application that helps MOC employees to manage their daily workflows during work, apply for vacations, watch their attendance and more.
  • Prepared technical and business documents for mobile apps.

Software Engineer at Jodod Technology Labs, http://beta.jodod.com, Mansoura, 8/2012 – 12/2014

  • Designed and implemented an Android application for both smartphones and tablet PCs to follow up with new muslim converts basically in Europe, by providing necessary information and communicating with the nearest islamic center.
  • Managed, designed, implemented and optimized an Android and iOS game for smartphones and tablet PCs for training kids the different mathematical skills: from knowing the numbers and getting used to write them down, through recognizing shapes and colors and size and quantity comparisons, until recognizing coins and the related arithmetic operations. The application also includes practicing those skills by providing a pack of games that suits several age groups.
  • Managed, designed, implemented and optimized a big pack of educational stories from Flash to Android and iOS applications for smartphones and tablet PCs. Each application includes an animated audible story, a song and some light games and exercises.
  • Designed and implemented a web project for Khair Zad Beneficiaries System for Charity Organizations to overcome the issue of providing the same beneficiary with charity multiple times from different organizations by facilitating communications between organization through the application.
  • Developed and engineered in a real-time online customer service web application called “ZAJEL” based on routing different kinds of customers to the corresponding group of operators of a certain skill, to target those customers certain need or requirement.
  • Developed a website for Madinah Munawarah Charity Warehouse for organizing and administrating charity for knowledge seekers in need.

Co-Founder, Software Engineer at Beclouders, Cairo, 7/2011 – 8/2012

  • Designed and implemented a fully-interactive prototype for CloudCenter which provides and manages a channel of communication between Call Center Service seekers and interested qualified individuals for an initial joining fee followed by a variable utility commission.
  • Prepared technical and business documents for CloudCenter.

Software Engineer at Netcare, http://www.beliaa.com, Dokki, Giza, 9/2011 – 2/2012

  • Designed and implemented an Android application called “Beliaa” which streamlines the connection between car owners and after-sales service centers, road towing centers for maintenance scheduling services and emergency road assistance requests using location-based services.
  • Designed and implemented a highly scalable backend server for Beliaa system.

Software Engineer at Wipro Info Tech, http://www.wipro.com, Smart Village, Giza, 8/2010 – 8/2011

  • Designed and implemented a workflow system called “Customer Centricity Tool” which is a system that defines how senior managers and customers follow up huge project progress on “Wipro” Company and how employees maintain their milestones and deliverables.
  • Designed some use cases for new modules on “CCTool” project.


B.Sc in Computer Science, Faculty of Computers and Information, Mansoura Good, 9/2004 – 8/2008



Oracle Certified Java Programmer by Oracle, 11/2009 – 12/2009


Database Engines: Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Pl-SQL, T-SQL, SQLite, MongoDB.

Programming Languages: Java SE, Java EE, Android, Python, LUA, C++, XML, Delphi, HTML5, CSS3, Swift

Frameworks: Corona SDK, Hibernate, Spring “DI”, Struts, IBatis, JSF, Oracle ADF, GWT, JQuery, Django